A new look…

As the regular reader may have noticed: the lay-out of this blog has recently changed from from the previous (in my mind) very conservative block format to a simpler and more dynamic, yet still smartphone and tablet friendly format format.  I know that there are blogs out there that focus more on looks, colors and design – this is not one of those! As long as it is functional I am happy!

So, why the change?  apart from the above reasons I will also be on my way overseas again soon for approximately a month and I wanted to be able to work with a platform that was easy for me to update on-the-go.

If you come back again next week I will be announcing exactly where I am going and also what I will be doing while there (hint: if you have been following my social media channels recently, you may already have guessed it)

Thanks for reading


MortsTravel029 copy.jpg

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