Snapchat? Sure why not!


Okay, so I am not a 16year old boy (any longer) nor am I a tech-geek who cannot live without social media however, I have recently taken a plunge into this weird world called Snapchat

My intention with Snapchat is still to be decided however, as a lot of great things have happened in my life recently I can promise one thing: A lot of gear, outdoor, Africa and photography related content! not every day..not ever other day, but whenever I have time to squeeze in a little handful clips here and there..

If you are interested and sure, why wouldn’t you be after the sales pitch above, then scan the icon above or find me as mortsphoto and I will be you forever grateful!

thanks for reading


PS. I will commence my Snapchatting, with a great announcement tomorrow afternoon – stay tuned!


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