RED BULL ILLUME 2016 – my thoughts


With only a few weeks to go before Red Bull Illume closes here are my pre-competition thought on who I think may surprise us this year.  I have no insider knowledge on who has and who has not submitted this year but throughout the last 12 months these photographers have really shaken things up a bit and I hope some of their hard work is being appreciated this year!



(in no particular order)

Lucho Vidales

Argentinian photographer now living in Spain! his MTB/Skate photos are out of this world and it would not surprise me if he ends up with a few top-250 images this year

Gabe Rogel 

Photographer and Film-maker Gabe Rogel is one of those people who are a Jack of all trades – master of all! (or at least how how it looks when he scales climbs, skies or rides in his pursuit for the perfect image)  Gabe is one of the most versatile shooters out there and I look forward to see what he has to sho us this year!

Kelvin Trautman 

South African photographer extraordinaire Kelvin Trautman is one the dark horses for a few top250’s in my opinion! I am a big fan of his work and his almost docu-style really appeal to me.

On top of these three there are of course the usual suspects who, we all know will fare well (as they always do) Chris Burkhart, Tim Kemple, Scott Serfas and Craig Kolesky

Who’s your favorite this year?


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