IMPORTANT: Less Facebook more Life!

So, as some of you may already have read on my official Facebook page I will start using my personal Facebook page for all my travel, photography and film-making related activities.

As I am sure there will be plenty of questions to this drastic decision I will try to explain my reasoning below.

Firstly, lets ensure we are all speaking the same language;

A Page and a Profile are two very different things in the Facebook World*.

A Page is available to businesses, brands and products, causes, public figures, and so on. It offers special features and capabilities, such as marketing insights into your followers and custom apps to capture e-mail addresses via contests, and more. To receive Facebook updates from a Page, people must actively “Like” it.

A Profile is for individual users, which allow people to “friend” you. (You are limited to 5,000 friends.) What’s less well known is that a Profile can also be opened to up to Followers. Because you aren’t meant to sell anything from a Profile, there aren’t any marketing capabilities, features, or insights into who is following you. When people encounter your Profile, they are asked to “Friend” or “Follow.”

From the very beginning my idea behind the Facebook page was to offer something different to my audience: behind the scenes videos/photos, show beautiful imagery and inform about potential upcoming events such as workshops, photo-walks and tutorials – nothing I cannot do via my own profile.

Another reason for my choice is: Visibility, personal posts gets much more views and interactions in the Facebook feed (unless you pay for it) and this makes the choice very easy for me (and also the fact that 65% of my ‘fans’ are based in Myanmar? which, is a result of Facebook’s very complicated and secret matrix when they calculate audience)

A thing that most people forget when it comes to companies/service providers like me is the time that goes into creating unique quality social media content for all the different platforms out there so to keep things simple and sweet this is where you can meet me in the future:

Facebook Profile  (press the follow button on my profile and you are all set!)


Instagram (visual-based storytelling on a daily basis)

Twitter (chit-chat, rants, re-tweets, shout-outs, and everything else)

Thank you for reading this generally very boring and non-visual post

Hope to see you out there