Four weeks ago I attended the first-ever YEStival in a field near Godalming in Surrey, England; A weekend filled of positivity, ideas, adventure and amazing on-stage presentations and inspiring talks

To quote the founder of the Yes Tribe Dave Cornthwaite:

“If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s something more to life, this is your chance to be left in no doubt that yes, you are brilliant, and yes, the future is even more so”

Almost 200 people decided to spend their weekend this way and what a weekend it was!

A few days after the festival a published the video I shot during the three days and if you are still to see it, check it out below:



I recommend watching it in full 1080 resolution with your volume on max! 🙂


Next week I will publish a selection of the portraits you see in the video as well so stay tuned and come back mid-next week


Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section either below or on youtube



Check it out by yourself here and here and here

2 thoughts on “#YESTIVAL 2015

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