BTS: Elia Locardi and FStoppers


Elia Locardi during the 2014 Photokina Photowalk | shot on Fujifilm XT-1

I rarely invest in photographic video tutorials as I often find the quality/advice within them does not match the high price you often pay for them however, when I heard that Elia Locardi and Fstoppers were working on releasing a series of videos suited for travel and landscape photographers I got very excited!

I first discovered the works of Elia a few years ago as and have had the pleasure of meeting his once during Photokina last year where I attended several of his talks as well as participated on the Photowalk he hosted together with his wife Naomi and the equally talented and successful Ken Kaminesky

The tuturial which was shot and produced in collaboration with Fstoppers is worth every dollar and I cannot praise it high enough.. 12 hours of entertaining, valuable and in-depth information which even a protog as myself can learn from.

“The day you think you know everything is the day you prove you know nothing”


Elia Locardi during the 2014 Photokina Photowalk | shot on Fujifilm XT-1

In addition the the many hours of content Lee Morris and Patrick Hall from F-stoppers have also compiled a series of Behind-The-Scenes which I have linked to below – Check them out they are all highly entertaining and answers valuable questions such as ‘how does homemade Icelandic cheese taste’, How do wingless birds fly’ and not least ‘why would anyone wear moon-boots anywhere else than…well the Moon’?

Check out the five BTS episodes here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Learn more about this tutorial here

Have you purchased the tutorial? thinking of doing it or if you just want to share your thoughts on it please comment below

Thanks for reading


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