Carling and Expedia Video from #BrightonOrBarbados

some weeks ago I was fortunate enough to join 332 other happy Britons on a promotional flight to Barbados with Carling and Expedia UK

The Bank Holiday campaign called #BrightonOrBarbados offered 1000 consumers to make the most of the May Bank Holiday weekend by entering the first-com first-serve promotion to book a two or four person bank holiday for only £49 per person – the twist was that you would not know until later if you were jetting off to Barbados for four nights or if you were being asked to make your way to lovely Brighton for three nights  (1 in 3 were off to Barbados)

As stated above I was on the Barbados flight and had four fantastic days in the Caribbean with a lot of awesome people – I have compiled a small video which, hopefully illustrates this perfectly

Shot exclusively on the new GoPro Hero4 Black

Watch the video below and make sure you watch it in full HD  (by clicking the ‘gear’ in the lower right corner) as youtube tends to compress videos to a horrible low resolution as default these days

Let me know what you think and feel free to send questions, likes and comments my way either on this blog or directly on youtube below the video

Thanks for reading


One thought on “Carling and Expedia Video from #BrightonOrBarbados

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