Explore The Elements – Travel Photoblogging Challenge with Thomas Cook

Explore The Elements – Travel Blogging Challenge I recently received an invitation to participate in Thomas Cook’s 2015 travel competition called Explore The Elements; in short it is a competition where four different photos must match the overall theme of the challenge, which is ‘Explore The Elements’ – it is up to you to interpret these four different elements in whatever creative way you like as long as there is a connection to either Fire, Water, Earth or Air Oh, did I mention that prizes includes a Macbook Air, Iphone 6 or the amazing Fujifilm XT-1 camera – and if that’s not enough to persuade you into entering the competition there is also a £5000 cash prize to the overall winner of the competition Please find below my four photos, which I trust match each of the four elements beautifully (please click for full size)


AIR: Summit of Mt Blanc, France/Italy

AIR: Summit of Mt Blanc, France/Italy

Summit of Mont Blanc, France/Italy Chamonix will always hold a special place in my heart and it is a place I keep returning to in order to relax, climb and to just have good ol’ fashioned fun. This image is shot on the very summit of Mt. Blanc before masses of hopeful climbers arrives. I camped near the summit together with a friend in order to beat the crowds and in order to ensure we made it to the top before anyone else. I believe this photo sums up everything air-y and to me this is the ultimate expression of solitude, freedom and liberation


EARTH: Valley of The Winds, Australia

EARTH: Valley of The Winds, Australia

Valley of The Winds, Australia Earth represents the hard, solid objects and no where else in nature have I experienced this to the same extend as in the red centre of Australia. The obvious image for me to submit in this category would have been one from Uluru however, I feel this fisheye capture from Valley of the Winds near the rock formation known as ‘The Olgas’ sums it up even better; massive red walls of sandstone combined with dusty red views only obstructed by the odd gum tree and bushes


WATER: Tasmanian Coastline

WATER: Tasmanian Coastline

Tasmania, Australia Tasmania is a funny place; on one hand it is as un-Australian as you can possible be and on the other it is exactly the opposite; the complete and essential core of what Australia is; rough sea-sides, beautiful secluded beaches, rich in unique wildlife and a feeling of being in the absolute no-where even when you are surrounded by dozens of people. I rarely work with HDR images but from the moment I saw this amazing stretch of coastline I just knew that I had to give it a go. I love how the fog, waves and almost ambient look gives it an almost ‘dreamy’ look – this photo was chosen by Tasmania Tourism for online use back in 2012


FIRE: Bagan, Myanmar

FIRE: Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar In a recent post I mentioned that I believe Myanmar to be one of the most diverse and interesting places to visit at the moment if you are a travel photographer. This image is from the old archaeological city of Bagan which is home to more than 3500 temples and stupas and at least as many Buddhas and shrines. This image with the sky lit up by the setting sun to me resembles the colours and warmth only fire can create and on the same time it is the very source of everything living, energetic and powerful.

Nominations:  As part of the competition I have to nominate five other travel bloggers or photo writers and although I could think of many more to nominate I have decided to pass on the torch to the following five outstanding bloggers who also happens to be kick-arse photographers or ditto travelers:

For all of you who are thinking of entering this competition – please note that entries must be submitted within the next three days (16/3) For general terms and conditions and for guidelines on how to submit please follow this link

As always; Thanks for reading Morts

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