2015 – A new year and a whole range of new opportunities!

2015 - Bring it on!

2015 – Bring it on!


So, 2014 is now fully over, and we are already planning for a new exciting calendar year which, hopefully will bring us all a lot of experiences in the shape of new collaborations, new prospects and not least new amazing adventures.


2014 was for me a year of contrasts, replacing the sunny Aussie shores with a blistering cold and wet England; it was also the year where our son Oskar was born and brought a lot of happiness into our lives.


2015 is now well underway already and it is time to plan for the next 11-½ months that lies ahead and just as I did last year I once again publicise my goals, projects and expectations here on the blog, so if you see anything you would like to be part of please do get in touch with me and we may be able to work something out together.


To kick it off I will start out with my most important promise for 2015; shoot more! Last year was not up to my normal standards so this is the year for redemption and whenever possible I will also endeavour to shoot more video during my shoots, and thereby create more motion-related content for my editing reel.


More Video - More Adventure

More Video – More Adventure


More time spent outdoors – less time spent behind the monitor. This one seem to be an easy one however, with a young child in tow things need to be carefully prepared and planned. And that’s exactly what I intend to do!


More action, less static. While I thoroughly enjoy shooting travel related content, I have always lived and breathed for the outdoors and in particular for the action sports we participate in during our time away from home; expect more footage from the world of; Bouldering, Mountain-biking, Rock-climbing and Trail-Running, just to mention a few! I am always looking for new ways to capture familiar subjects and to create new bonds with athletes and adventures from many different areas of life!

Cultural Crossroads

Cultural Crossroads

More strobes on location less underexposure. Shooting on-location is always a thrilling experience and it offers you a creative freedom you cannot achieve in a studio or similar environment. I have recently re-acquired a fully controlled E-TTL strobe set-up which, when combined with my existing Pocket Wizard system enables me to work much more efficient and creative while shooting in the field.


It's time to get personal

It’s time to get personal

Get Personal. Nothing tells a story better than an environmental portrait; you peel away the layers and reveal the happiness, struggle, scars and suffering – all within one frame! Expect more personal work and more intimate portraits.


2015, I am ready are you?


Thanks for reading



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