London: A lovestory

Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on a (still non-disclosed) project up in London which saw me arriving on the very first train into Charing Cross way before most people had even thought about getting out of bed… Tired? In need of a coffee? abso-bloody-lutely!

However, one part of the job I was shooting was happening near Fulham in southwest London so while it was absolutely pouring down (how lucky I am huh? – I swapped sunny and warm Sydney for a wet and miserable London – fool!) I was seeking near the Hammersmith bridge and decided to spent some time shooting a few photos of the sun rising behind the iron pylons – although it is no price winner of any kind I still think the photo above sums up my (very) long day of shooting and definitely puts a smile on face.

Wish you all a great evening and as always; thanks for reading


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