Photokina – It’s a wrap!

Photokina 2014 is finally over and is now nothing but a faint memory of the past however, before we start focusing on the upcoming PhotoPlus expo in North America I thought I would do a quick run-through of my personal experience of the show in Cologne last month.

A bit of history first; I first visited Photokina twelve years ago and remember it as both one of the most chaotic and intriguing expositions I had ever visited so I was pleasantly surprised this year as both the amount of visitors, halls and exhibitors were perfectly suited for my three-day stint there – I had in ensured that both my accommodation and my tickets were sorted out in advance and with a mere 80m from my hotel to the entrance of the Køln Messe Centre I did not have to worry about trains, busses or trams – fantastic!

Over the three days I were there I had some really great meeting with some very inspirational guys from some of the most inspirational photographic companies out there; PeakDesign Ltd, Hüfa, G-Technology, ThinkTank Photography, LensPen,  Sandisk and not least a great catch-up with Christophe Casenave from Carl Zeiss Lenses. who was more than happy to introduce to me the brand new and groundbreaking Otus 85mm lens

For those of you who missed out on the show this year I have outlined my a few of my favorite non-camera products/moments this year: (in no particular order)

Wounded - Legacy Of War

Wounded – Legacy Of War

  • The ‘Wounded’ photo exhibition within Leica’s massive exhibition space was an amazing and thought-provoking display of wounded war veterans – probably one of the most powerful exhibitions I have seen in a very long time! Oh, did I mention that the photographer is the Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams (yes, the Everything-I-Do-I-Do-It-For-You guy!)  – check out the book with all the images here


  • G-Technology’s G-Speed Studio XL Thunderbolt storage solution – It may not be available yet and yes it may be way outside my reach (like most new high-end products are) however with RAID-8 and transfer speeds up to 1350MB/s this is a product that is very hard to ignore oh, and it is perfect for 4K+ shooters  – if only it came in brushed silver! (just kiddin’)


Mindshift by ThinkTank Photo

Mindshift by ThinkTank Photo

  • One of the companies I am always looking forward visiting at expos like this is ThinkTank Photo – I have used their bags for a few years and I am a great fan of their no-compromise design policy.  At Photokina they announced three new products however to me the most important TT product was their line of Mindshift camera bags – a different bag from the same people behind TT – innovative, practical and very comfortable – I would love to do a review when I manage to save up the pennies to buy one 🙂  – check the range out here


Copyright by Peak Designs ltd

Copyright by Peak Designs ltd

  • Peak Design – If you have been following this blog over the last few years you will know how fund I am of crowd funding and also of gadgets and solutions that can make photography more fun and convenient – Peak Design do just that! At Photokina they had a selection of their new Slide and Clutch products. Meeting Peter and Adam from PD was great and I look forward receiving my most recent order from them in a few weeks – check out my initial review of the Capture Camera Clip here


Of course I was very excited about all the new cool cameras and lenses as well however with so many great products to chose from this year I decided to make this list without cameras (however both the 7D mk2, Phaseone and Hasselblad did take up a lot of my time this year)



What about you – what did you enjoy the most at this years Expo?

Thanks for reading




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