REVIEW: Hüfa Lens Cap Holder

The Hüfa S Lens cap holder on my #ThinkTank Camera bag

The Hüfa S Lens cap holder on my #ThinkTank Camera bag

The new vertical Hüfa V is currently being launched via the online crowd-funding webpage Kickstarter and I am very excited to see that they have already managed to reach more than  25% of their target – read much more and endure you are amongst the first to receive this new edition of Hüfa here

Sometimes you see a product on the market and the first thought that hits you is ‘why didn’t I come up with this idea’?  Hüfa lens cap holder is one of those inventions, and as many similar ‘smaller’ accessories, it doesn’t force you to re-mortgage your house in order to purchase it.

According to Amazon the average camera owner loses between 3-5 camera caps every year, which to me sounds like absolute BS however, truth is that camera caps do have a tendency to disappear due to them either being misplaced, lost or simply disappear because you forget where you put it while you frame  your image


Enter the Hüfa lens cap holder – a small clip that attaches to any webbing strap within reach; camera strap, shoulder strap from backpack or camera pack.


The clip currently comes in two different versions: the Hüfa Original and Hüfa S with the latter one being for narrower straps similar to ones from Black Rapid – I have personally got the S-clip attached to my two shoulder bags and the Original to the shoulder strap of my bag pack


I have used both clips over the last fortnight and have found them to be of very high quality and very practical and at less than a tenner per piece they have definitely proven to be very good value for money and I am happy to recommend this brilliant little piece of equipment.


Above and below you can see a few images of how the clip securely attaches to both my daily go-to bag


hüfa S Clip with 72mm lens cap

hüfa S Clip with 72mm lens cap


...and safely held in place

…and safely held in place

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line or by commenting below and remember to secure yourself your copy of the new version of this clip just click this link that will take you straight to the campaign on Kickstarter  or watch Darren’s introduction video for this new redesigned product right here:


Thanks for reading



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