PUBLISHED: noma food review June 2014

Normally I  consider myself to be an adventure photographer however over the last few years I have branched out a bit and have included ‘Travel & Lifestyle Photographer’ on my business card. I was recently commissioned to do something a bit more exotic which I am not really sure how to categorise; A quick trip to Copenhagen to do a food review at……noma , the best restaurant in the world! – Talking about pressure!

I had a great trip and went with two good friends of mine and without revealing too much I think it is safe to say that we experienced, what can probably best be described as the ‘Ultimate Gourmet Experience’.

My review was commissioned by British lifestyle magazine SO and can be read in the current June issue that hit the stands last week.


I have uploaded the review in mid-res below but if you want to read the online .pdf version please check out this link:

Noma Review 2014


NOMA, Copenhagen

NOMA, Copenhagen

Ants anyone?


Thank you for reading



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