Vincent Laforet Workshop 2013 | Shot with Mövi + 1Dc

Some time ago I attended a workshop hosted by Canon Australia and presented by Vincent Laforet and I have finally seen the edit that was recorded during the session here in Sydney and thought I would share it with you all.

The workshop was a full day event at Canon’s NSW facilities in Alexandria and including myself I believe there were 14-15 other ‘students’ present  from various ways of life: broadcasting, press, production and not least still.  I have always been focussing on the still part of my work but I am obviously aware of the shift within the industry at the moment so I found this to be a great starting point for me, and I could not think of a better teacher than Vincent Laforet himself.

The day was a great mix of lecture and hands-on shooting with some really once gear including the very hyped ‘Mövi’ with the 1Dc and Cine lenses as well as a great set-up of monitors, follow-focus and audio recorders. For the filming we were introduced to Cyrus Henry a Kiwi breakdancer currently residing in Sydney.  As we ran out of time at the end of the day it did become fairly short however I believe we all left that afternoon with a better understanding about storytelling and motion.

The edit above was edited by Sarah Estela and the event was hosted by Canon Australia
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