REVIEW: Capture Camera Clip Pro V2

Copyright by Peak Designs ltd

Copyright by Peak Designs ltd

For the last 15 months I have been using the original Capture Clip from Peak Designs and have been very happy with how it performed so when they recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign in support of a new improved version of the before-before-mentioned clip there was no doubt in my mind that I had to support them once again.

Capture is a smart device that allows you to securely carry your camera on your belt or backpack strap which is perfect for me as I  r-e-a-l-l-y  hate uncomfortable neck straps which I always ditch on day one and usually replace  with a hand strap or similar. The latest Kickstarter campaign launched back in June 2013  aimed at raising $100.000 in order to develop and manufacture the V2 however ended up raising more than $800.000 and was backed by more than 8.000 backers  – not bad for a simple piece of metal that allows you to attach your DSLR to your shoulder strap!

After almost five months wait I finally got my hands on the new Capture Pro last week and have been testing it the last six days – and I can already say that I am very happy with the redesign, changes and improvements over the original version.

Capture Camera Clips

Capture Camera Clips

pictured from top: New revised Capture Pro Clip and  the original Capture Clip from 2011.

The changes from v1 to v2 includes a more ergonomic and lighter design of the clip, rounded clamping bolts and the addition of a new safety lock.  The only main differences between the Pro and the Standard Clips are the material of which they are made (glass-filled nylon vs aluminium) and the option of using the Pro as a tripod head viA the incorporated 3/8″/1/4″ auxiliary mount – a very clever addition which works perfect with my Redged and RRS monopods.

Another change is the introduction of the new Proplates which comes in three different versions: ARCA, DUAL and MICRO – I ordered my kit with the DUAL plate as they are compatible with all my tripod heads from Redged and RRS however if you have the Manfrotto RC2 heads this plate is compatible with that too.

Arca, Micro and Dual Plates from Peak Design

Arca, Micro and Dual Plates from Peak Design

What I especially like about this new version is the addition of the lock on the quick-release button (red button on pic above) – a simple twist keeps your camera safely secured and combined with the safety of the plate lock there is no way your camera is going anywhere.  I purchased the Clip together with another new product called ProPad which is basically just an insulated pad made to improve your comfort during long-term usage – I have yet to test this during and outing so cannot comment on how useful it is however it offers me the option to use the Clip on the thick, fat hip belt of my Deuter and Osprey backpacks which I couldn’t before –  I will revise this review when I have had a chance to test this thoroughly.

My overall experience with the Capture is very positive and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it in both New Zealand and Australia and my only complaint is that it is bloody hard to use this clip if you are also using the Canon E-1 hand strap as it makes it very difficult to ‘easily’ slide the camera into the clip. I  replace my hand straps with the Industry Disgrace Neck Strap from Crumpler whenever I use my Capture Clip.

I expect to use the Capture  a lot during the next upcoming months and so far I am very happy with the product and the options it provides me with.


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