I rarely post review of gear on this blog however, I thought I would post my thought about my recent purchase from TrekPak.

TrekPak is a young  American company who in 2012 setup a Kickstarter project aiming to raise $15,000 to develop and market their innovative padded dividers for camera bags and cases.



I have backed more than ten different during the last three years but unfortunately I did not hear about TrekPak until after the backing period had expired due to travelling and honestly I went straight to the back of my mind very shortly after…. Until very recently where I was having a frustrating moment with a few of my Pelican cases and the padded velcro dividers that are supplied from the manufacturer.. Velcro does have a lot of great features and characteristics but being collaborative is not one of them! I ended up spending a fair amount time online researching alternatives and boom! TrekPak was back!

I ended up ordering inserts (dividers) for my Pelican 1500 case to test if this was actually worth $85.00+ spent and I have to admit that so far the only regret I have is that I did not remember them earlier!

The Pelican 1500 kit comes with 11 dividers in various sizes plus 2 perimeter pieces which, when pinned together fits the case perfectly. They even include top and bottom foam so no need to purchase that separately.


Pelican 1500 with TrekPak inserts

I find the system much easier to work with than velcro and even better than ICU’s from Fstop which has been one of my recent favourites. I find the TrekPak to be a much more dynamic and user friendly system that definitely works better for me

TrekPak aluminium pins with pull-tabs (photo by Trekpak)

TrekPak aluminium pins with pull-tabs (photo by Trekpak)

The supplied aluminium pins (with red pull-tabs) fits snugly and perfectly in the dividers and as the material is not fabric but hard compressed foam they stay in place without falling out – and should you require more than the 20+ pins you receive with your pack they can easily be ordered separately

I am a very happy TrekPak owner and cannot wait to receive my new backpack during the next few days (I will publish another review after my trip to NZ in October.

If I handed out stars, scores or similar this product would without doubt be in the absolute top – no wonder they raised almost three times as much as their goal!

If you wanna check it out yourself take a look at their webpage here

Thanks for reading


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