New Times – New Blog

Welcome Back

During the last three years my blog has been one of my main ways to communicate my thoughts, visions and work through cyberspace.  3 years, 86 blogposts, 18400+ visits, 200+ registered users and not least seven photographic journeys later I felt that it was time for a revamp of my entire ‘online-strategy’ (fancy word, huh?) which is why I decided to leave Livebooks and my previous ‘CompanionBlog’ behind (more about the reasons that caused this move in a later post) and to collaborate with another online platform which I felt suited my ideals and thoughts better.

Although my old blog has now been archived I still hope to be able to entertain, amuse, impress and maybe even shock some of my old readers and at the same time gain a few more along the way..

Thanks for reading and welcome back


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